Muhammad is currently the managing Director of Phenix, has over 10 years’ experience within various sectors of the mechanical and built environment  industry, his expertise include/s but is not limited to:

  • Production optimization
  • Machine Design (Mechanical)
  • Product Development (Mechanical)
  • Failure Analysis (Mechanical)
  • Production Line Development (Mechanical)
  • Production Line Automation (Mechanical)
  • Optimization of production lines and bulk handling processes (Industrial)
  • Project Management (Mechanical, Industrial, Civil)
  • Contractual Administration (Mechanical, Industrial, Civil)
  • Technical Improvement (Mechanical, Industrial, Civil)
  • Logistics and co-ordination

Muhammad has been responsible for a number of contractual matters including the finalisation, closing out and final accounts for large contracts a typical example is the Tshipi Borwa mine contract/s

His is responsible for:

  • Management of day to day operational and financial issues.
  • Management of administrative issues with the CEO and COO on a group level.
  • Budgets
  • Strategy development.
  • New business development
  • Client relationships
  • Optimization
  • Legal and contractual issues

For any project related queries or Phenix group related queries contact Muhammad Bhamjee on +27 11 979 0039 or email